The Napa River needs Friends!

Archive: December 1st, 2015

Pausing for a moment to reflect and give thanks, we ask for your support. It has been 21 years since Friends of the Napa River was founded by a diverse group of passionate volunteers known as the “river rats,” who together raised their collective voice and said, “Enough is enough!” Thank you to the “river rats” for their vision and tenacity, and thanks to you for your support in helping bring the Napa River back to life!

Through the leadership and dedication of our founders, we successfully won the fight to get Measure A on the Ballot, which when passed by voters, raised local funds and guaranteed Federal funding to enact flood control measures along the Napa River and restore a “Living River”. It is amazing how far we have come in restoring the health and vitality of the river for people and wildlife alike. Multiple river restoration efforts are underway along the Napa River from Calistoga to the salt marshes near the Bay, and the river is rebounding.

Our ongoing work to give voice to the Napa River would not be possible without the support of people like you. There is still so much to do! Please join us and begin or renew your membership today to ensure that Friends of the Napa River can continue its work to protect and restore our river and educate and inspire our next generation of environmental stewards and river enthusiasts.

Your membership contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more will go a long way in ensuring our success in the year to come, and to protecting the health and vitality of the Napa River. Put your Giving Tuesday dollars to work locally. Your support will allow us to:

  • Ensure the completion of the Flood Control Project;
  • Advocate for improved public access to the Napa River;
  • Engage our Urban Design Team to ensure that new projects integrate Living River Principles;
  • Bring the community together to celebrate the Napa River;
  • Inspire our next generation of environmental stewards and river enthusiasts through classroom presentations, project-based learning field trips, and community education and outreach;
  • Collaborate with conservation groups, county agencies, and private land owners to monitor river health and restore creeks, tributaries and riparian habitat along the Napa River;
  • Repopulate oaks throughout the Valley through our County-wide Acorns to Oaksinitiative offered in collaboration with the Napa County Resource Conservation District; and
  • Give voice to the Napa River to ensure that the river is protected for generations to come.

Click here to donate now. Thank you for giving generously.