Napa Watershed Education Program

Archive: June 23rd, 2011

Classroom environmental program sponsored by Friends of the Napa River

Contacts: Kent Ruppert, Shari Gardner.

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The Napa Watershed Education Program is dedicated to teaching Napa Valley students, grades 2-6, concepts focusing on the ecological dynamics of our watershed.

Each grade level receives a series of three, hour-long, science based lessons. Each series is adapted to the specific grade level being taught and is supported by hands on materials, visual aids, and a teacher edition to provide additional activities. This program and all materials are provided at no cost to the students, teachers, or schools.

The program has been in existence for eight years, and has grown from three lessons a year to 145 lessons, totaling 3,600 student contacts, in 50 public and private classrooms. Although the program has had great success (see teacher comments), there have been years when the program could not be offered due to lack of funding.

We are seeking funding from private contributors within our watershed rather than from state and national resources that have proven unreliable in the past. The program budget is set at $10,000 a year as it has been for the past seven years. This is a very cost effective program providing high quality environmental education to our Napa Valley youth.

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